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一辈子,一套拳 - One life - One Taijiquan form !

One Taijiquan form - and start into a fresh early morning
One Taijiquan form – and spend a casual evening.
A group of fashionable people are willing to choose a fashionable lifestyle from dawn to dusk. At the same time, for Chinese people, Taijiquan actually is a way of social interaction, a way of conduct, a way of philosophy of life, Taijiquan is a way of performance.
Because of Taijiquan, one can meet new friends in the « mist of high mountain and running water » ; because of Taijiquan, one can recognize one self in this process from beginning to end. Because of Taijiquan, there is a whole lifetime, where Taijiquan is already hidden in every moment of life.
One life, equals one Taijiquan form !
The process of practising Taijiquan is like a journey of life, sometimes full of hope, sometimes soaked with pain, sometimes creative enthusiasm, sometimes modest and peaceful……. But when engaged in Taijiquan, our state of mind will feel light hearted, the whole life is then like a « Taijiquan form »
Understand the Taijiquan movement and gesture, than master the ups and downs of life ; comprehend accurately »peng lu ji an », than it will be preserved in heart and mind ; when « longing for a simple life and pursuing a quiet life of profound study » it becomes the final purpose of life.
When there is a deep passion for Taijiquan and a profound comprehension of life, the heart is filled with permanent happiness. With a balanced attitude finish the Taijiquan form and with a innovative approach pursue Chinese tradition. From inside of Taijiquan glimpse at the vigorous life of Chinese people, from inside of the heart appreciate the meaning of Taijiquan for human existence.


一套拳,开始一个清新的早晨; 一套拳,度过一个闲淡的黄昏 一群优雅的人,愿意选择优雅的生活方式,从拂晓到深夜。 同时,对于中国人,太极其实是一种社交,太极是一种途径,太极是一种生活哲学,太极是一种行为艺术。 因为太极拳,会在高山流水的云雾中结识新朋友; 因为太极拳,会在起式与收式的过程中认清自己。 因为太极拳,这一辈子,拳已经蕴藏在每一寸光阴里。 一辈子,一套拳 练拳的过程,仿若人生的旅程。或充满希望,或浸透苦涩,或冲动激情,或淡泊宁静…… 但拳一附身,心情就释然开来: 一辈子,就如同一套拳。 可体会百味,但是最后都善如似水。 看懂了拳路拳架,最后把握了人生浮沉; 拿捏准掤捋挤按,最后保持好内心中定; 当“澹泊明志,宁静致远”成为生活的归宿。 当对拳的深沉热爱,对人生的深刻领悟,成为心中的恒福。以儒雅气质完成一套太极, 以创新态度继承中国传统。 从拳中管窥中国人的生活精神, 从心中体味太极之于人生的意义。