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太极拳—时尚健康生活新方式! Taijiquan---a trend for a new lifestyle!

Taijiquan embodies the health keeping and ethical concept of Chinese traditional philosophy; it emphasize on simultaneous cultivation of internal and external aspects in order to harmonize body and mind as an inseparable entity. Taijiquan is therefore called the “Wise Martial Art”, this is one of the reason, that nowadays it is so popular.

People normally practice Taijiquan first and foremost as a means of pursuing their fitness goals. But practicing for a long time can also lead to a sort of life style. When practicing, regardless of the length of time, it should be done seriously and one should develop the best practice guidelines. There are benefits for the health of body and mind while following the best practice guidelines of Taijiquan such as: calmness with mindful awareness, an upright posture, not leaning to the left or to the right, opening and closing, combine strength and softness, and other Taijiquan principles and incorporate them into the everyday life; allow the theory of Taijiquan become a sort of healthy habitual routine, making a transition from the external form of movement to mindful awareness and then slowly Taijiquan will become a sort of life style.

This way then, unconsciously every day there will be improvements without any effort. Through this mindful conscious process of change Taijiquan offers you more than just the result of a certain level of fitness, but also the possibility to improve personal development; and the training of the martial art, will become part of your existence.

Taijiquan as a lifestyle - is a way of being at ease, eliminating unnecessary tension at any time, such as muscle tension and even some pressure and stress caused by psychological and social circumstances. In the moment the adjustment is often not done intentionally, but the adjustment will take shape automatically; our self regulating system eliminates the tension, the process of adjustment to relax and to harmonize use this most natural process of implementation. It is known as “let Nature do its Way”.

The art of practicing Taijiquan requires “unity of man and nature”, man and nature are one entity. By training our self to attain the coordination of our hand, eyes, and body, method and pace as one entity, then progressively harmony occurs between people, between people and nature, leading to a harmonious society and a harmonious life, this is the realm of Taijiquan. This is also then a sort of healthy new way of life.


太极拳—时尚健康生活新方式,太极拳蕴含着中国传统哲学中的养生思想、伦理观念,注重内外兼修,融健身与修性于一体,有人称其为“哲拳”,正是当今太极拳热的原因之一。 人们练习太极拳首先是作为一种追求健身的手段, 长期锻炼还可以把它作为一种生活方式。 练拳时,无论时间长短都要认真, 要养成一个良好的规范习惯。 把太极拳中有利于身心健康的规范习惯, 及 “清静用意”、“立身中正”、“不偏不倚”、“动静开合”、“刚柔相济”等拳理拳论,融汇到现实生活中去, 让太极拳的理论作为一种健康习惯固化下来, 由外形动作过渡到思维意识, 慢慢太极拳就成为了一种生活方式。 这样,每天就会在不知不觉中自然受益。 通过这个由自觉到自然的转变过程, 太极拳给你带来的不仅仅是健身一个层面的效果, 还能提高道德情操,武学修养,会融入你的人生当中。 太极拳的生活方式是一种放松的方式, 就是随时消除不必要的紧张。 诸如:肌肉、心理乃至一些社会因素造成的环境压力与紧张。 那时候不是时时故意地调节,而是形成自动调节系统, 消除紧张的全自动系统,把放松的状态和调节的过程用最自然的过程实现。 这就是所谓的“道法自然”。 练习太极拳的意境要求天人合一,人与大自然融为一体。 由自身肢体锻炼达到手、眼、身、法、步的协调统一, 逐步过渡到人与人之间的和谐、人与大自然之间的和谐, 和谐社会,和谐人生,这是练太极拳的一种境界。 也是一种时尚健康生活的新方式!